Gillingham vs. Forest preview

We’re still top, despite only winning one game in the last six – indeed, there’s still daylight in the form of two points between us and Bristol City.  Of course, our most recent result was a four nil humiliation at home against Scunthorpe – to make it worse, it was live on Sky as well, for the whole world to see how absolutely and utterly piss poor we have become lately!

The pikeys, however, aren’t great on form either – and they seem to finish weaker in games, their game at Crewe being a good example – they were 1-3 up, and lost 4-3 in the end! Forest, if they bother playing at all, tend to do so toward the end of the game – could be interesting, but you have to layer that with the knowledge that we never seem to do that well against Gillingham – aside from relegating them the season before last, of course 😀

Getting tonked four nil must be giving Calderwood ideas of changes – indeed, Lester is banned now for getting booked in what seems like every appearance he has made.  Agogo is of course back from international duty, and seems likely he’ll be straight into the side.  Sammy Clingan is back from Northern Ireland duty too – where he again reportedly played very well, although he may be tired.  Danny Cullip is also available again, and could replace any of the shambolic defenders based on last weeks’ performance!

Of course we then get to play them again a few days later – I would’ve preferred the games to be in reverse order, the the Johnstones Paint tie would’ve been a dress rehearsal – as it is, it’s rather critical we pick up points in this match, with only a two point gap and now a goal difference that is four worse than before, we could really do with a win.  I can’t really feel too optimistic, however.  If there’s a spanner in the works to be found in Forests’ campaign, I’d really not be surprised if it were pikey shaped.