Buy a player, get a scout Friio…

After a rather forgettable Forest playing career, it seems the powers that be at Forest have finally found a use for hapless Frenchman David Friio at the City Ground.  Or rather, away from the City Ground.  For our gallic former-midfielder is now gainfully employed as a scout in France for the mighty reds.  I’m sure he can’t be as bad at that as he was at playing, at least.

He’s been briefed by Calderwood (who apparently tried to talk him out of retirement!) to scout all levels of French football, right from their top flight down to the youth levels – so with a bit of luck we’ll see some young French talent starting to appear on Trentside – if you ignore this season so far then it’s certainly done Arsenal no harm.

As far as I’m aware, Forest’s scouting network is somewhat underdeveloped at the moment, so whatever doubts I might harbour around Friio’s ability to do the job, I’m at least pleased to see Forest making moves into casting the scouting net a little wider.