Cullip on the well-worn road to recovery..

I like Danny Cullip, when he’s fit I think he brings something that is currently missing from our defence – leadership and a real vocal presence. Our defence seems more solid and better organised when he is a part of it. So it’s bloody typical that he turns out to be a bit of a sicknote – because whilst defending isn’t our only problem right now in the aftermath of being humiliated at home against Scunthorpe, it’s fair to say they’re hardly award winning either!

Danny should be playing against Walsall tonight for the reserves, and I’m seriously crossing my fingers that he comes through unscathed following his thigh injury incurred at Yeovil, and demonstrates himself fit enough to get his arse back into the team asap. He won’t solve the obvious deficiencies in midfield any time soon, but a solid (or more solid) defence is a decent start to any team, so hopefully he’ll feature.

Trouble is, there’s still an obvious creativity issue in midfield – whether Commons is unfit, lacking match sharpness or can’t be arsed, he certainly didn’t do much against Scunny, and Southall – bless him – just can’t beat his man these days, and doesn’t seem to get as much chance to put a decent cross in against cannier opponents – even when he does there’s bugger all Forest players in the box to get on the end of them.

Ho hum. Games against Gillingham are rarely dull, let’s just hope we’re not in for further embarrassment – given our altercations with the pikeys recently I’m sure they’d love nothing better than to be responsible for knocking us off the top of the table…