Doughty this, Doughty that, blah blah blah!…

As sure as you can predict two buses will arrive at once, you can usually predict that in the aftermath of a bad defeat, there will be a post on a forum or an article on a website bemoaning lack of investment from Nigel Doughty.  Forest fans are that predictable.  This is the article I found, there are probably more kicking around – it’s always the same, Doughty must invest, and as a result of apparently not doing, Forest lack ambition – owing to the fact that we’re such a huge club and shouldn’t be in this league.

Well let’s see – last I heard, Doughty made funds available to Mr Calderwood – which he chose to spend fairly frugally, only making the purchases of Paul Smith and Junior Agogo – in a combined fee that certainly outstrip spends by most other League One teams.  Colin then decided – rightly or wrongly – that his remaining players were sufficient for his purposes.  If you ignore the poor performances and take a look at the league table then he has a point.

Lacking ambition is often a charge laid at Doughty or Forests’ door – given that he has invested tens of millions already in both player purchases and debt clearing, I would hope a business man he would only do so with some hope of his investment being a success.  It is true that he’s plugging the shortfall from slowly reducing crowd numbers with hiking season ticket and ticket prices, and you could argue that he’s partly caused the decline with his pricing policy, but overall, lacking ambition?  No.  He has been proven a poor chooser of managers in the past, as yet I’m undecided on Calderwood.

Then we get to the crux of the argument – we’re too good for this league, aren’t we?  How bloody arrogant can you get?  We’re down here because we deserve it, we stayed here because we deserved it.  We do have fantastic supporters given our lowly status, and we do have a ground the envy of most in this league, but that ain’t enough to get you promoted – nor does it makes you deserve it.  It makes it tough at home games because – like it or not – as Forest are still a relative novelty to many smaller sides, it does make a good day out for the fans, and a good scalp for the players.

And to the question of investment – last time I looked the transfer window was closed, so the best we can get is a loan, or wait until January – personally given the obvious deficits in our squad in certain areas –  I would be very surprised if we don’t see some incoming players in the window, maybe a little before on loans – certainly in midfield, and cover for left fullback would be obvious areas of weakness.  But these decisions rest with the manager, to my knowledge he has breathing space to invest as he sees fit, so lay off the chairman-bashing please folks, it makes us look bloody silly when we’re still topping the table!