Strange chants: part five

Some young ‘uns might feel that this chant is purely inspired by Soccer AM‘s now ‘legendary’ wrestler sketches. You’ll see them squabbling with one another in all manner of locations followed by a rendition of today’s strange chant.

You all know it. You wait until you’ve scored, or saved a penalty, or maybe when an opponent fluffs an easy chance, you stand up, you clap your hands above your head with straight arms, and you begin:

“Easeh! Easeh! Easeh!” (repeat ad infinitum)

This certainly isn’t restricted to Nottingham Forest fans, far from it, it’s a national phenomenon and it’s possibly the single most irritating thing to have infiltrated the terraces of England in living memory. It should stop. Consider this a campaign! I like Soccer AM, but in unleashing this travesty upon us they have a lot to answer for!

But consider this – the wrestlers on Sky’s morning football show are inspired by none other than these two shady characters. Now Big Daddy certainly entertained me as a younger person, and may he rest in peace, but do you really want to take your role model from a full grown, nay, an overgrown man in a leotard? He’s called Shirley too, you know! For shame. And the least said about his nemesis / comedy foil ‘Giant Haystacks’, also known as Martin Ruane, the better!

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  1. I’m with you on that one mate, but before you go down that road you may wish to reconsider.

    “Let’s all ‘ave a disco” is the worst chant of all time, this should stop, it should be banned.

    And another thing, anyone who starts a Mexican wave at a football match, should be removed from the ground and hung by the testicles from the nearest floodlight.

  2. Cor, brings back heady memories of Italia 90 and tacky t-shirts of Paul Gascoigne, the cheating Geordie bastard!

    Good call!

  3. Carlsiuel are are a Mint team and they wont change there chants, also the disco chant is to anoy the other Fans that we are winning.

    And we dont do mexican waves althought they are fun.

  4. Also its Spelt EASY EASY EAYS EASY because it annoys the fans once more you only post this because we beat you in a game and you got anoyed or something otherwise there is not point.

  5. ur fat

  6. go get a hobby u overgrown baboon

  7. u repulse me! u tub of lard!

  8. Thanks! 😀

  9. ya shouldnt take the piss outta big daddy! he might have been big and a damn good wrestler, but this you probabbly dont know is that he used to be in polotics before his wrestling career

  10. Big Daddy was undoubtedly a fine wrestler, and I make no aspirations about his intelligence either – however, I do take issue with his trademark chant being taken in vain by a bunch of football fans!

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