Calderwood: We’re a good team

Colin Calderwood is certainly talking the talk in the wake of Carlisle United’s visit to the City Ground tomorrow.  What remains to be seen is whether the team can walk the walk following on from tuesday night’s disappointment against Oldham Athletic.

The Forest manager spoke frankly about the problems Forest exhibited on the night, and their inability to deal with the direct way in which Oldham took the game to us, so fingers crossed he will succeed in fixing some of the problems, most noticeably our inability to win the second ball or loose balls, as well as giving away possession too cheaply.

He also speaks of the team spirit still being intact, that the players acknowledge the shortcomings of their tuesday performance and still feel confident in their ability to improve and register a much needed result tomorrow.  It’s important that he doesn’t undo the good work he’s done in terms of team spirit and morale, which is largely built upon what Charlie and Frank started last season after the departure of Megson.

If the players were to read fan sites – this one included, although some of the forums have unbelievably negative content – then it probably could give their confidence a battering.  I reckon if I was a player I’d avoid sites like this, but would your ego really let you avoid publically available opinion about your performances? I doubt it!

Strange chants: part four

This one’s definitely odd, but also pretty hilarious! Rice was signed by Brian Clough when Steve Hodge left his first spell at the club in 1985. Whilst never a world beater, he was certainly not the scapegoat that many Forest fans made of him (heh, some things never change!).

The chant goes to the tune of Yellow Submarine by the Beatles (the verse part, and sometimes leading into the chorus!), take a look at the accompanying image, and you should certainly be able to guess the chant that evokes this disturbing (and badly photoshopped) carnival of gingerness!

It’s usually reserved for when the team are playing badly – so it’s really amazing we haven’t heard it more over recent seasons, but the words go something like this:

Number one, is Brian Rice
Number two, is Brian Rice … (continuing to)..
Number eleven, is Brian Rice … (and into the chorus)..

The verse section has been known to stretch to likening all manner of things to Brian Rice, including the subs, the manager, the board, the goalposts and all manner of other things that occur to the fans as the song goes up.

Definitely good fun, if a little harsh on a man who once scored an absolute wonder goal for Forest at Arsenal in 1988 – but well, at least he’s still remembered on the terraces whilst Forest fans are around! 😆

Swansea fans face ticket scrutiny

Presumably after the disgusting behaviour from a section of the Swansea support last season, their fans are facing a bit more hassle in gaining access to the City Ground this time around. They’ve been allocated just over 1,000 tickets initially, with a further 1,000 available if they’re required.

Fans will be asked to provide ID when purchasing tickets, either season tickets or other forms of identification, as well as identification for any fellow fans they are picking tickets up for. This identification will be stored alongside their seats to enable easy tracking of either direct trouble-causers, or at least those who acquired tickets for anybody causing hassle at the ground.

Whilst it must be irritating for the majority of decent Swansea fans, having witnessed the appalling behaviour they exhibited last season at Forest, I think it’s justified. It will hopefully enable those fans who do just want to support their side to do so with limited – or at least easily punishable – aggro from the meathead fans in their fraternity.

Fixtures between Welsh and English sides always seem to have an edge to the atmosphere that can descend into unsavouriness quite readily, so steps taken to minimise this meet with my approval, and will hopefully enable the non-thug element of the Jack Army to travel without so much stigma attached to them.

With a bit of luck, Nottingham’s police will have a bit less of this to deal with (click to read more).

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Curtis out for Carlisle clash

Forest have announced John Curtis won’t be fit to face Carlisle United on saturday.  This is bad news, and limits Calderwood’s options somewhat in defence – if he sticks to the central back three formation then Thompson or Perch could cover, equally both could play a conventional right back role in a more balanced 4-4-2 formation.

It’s a real blow, I think, as whilst I don’t really like a back three, it’s seemed to work quite well with Curtis covering the right, as his fullback’s mentality means he does cover the wide areas a bit better.  That said, I’d love us to revert to a more conventional formation ongoing, which is really rather dependent on how Colin wants to structure his midfield.