Strange chants: part three

I don’t disapprove of this one as such, as it’s quite good fun (obviously taken in the spirit of not actually condoning violence), but I definitely think it qualifies as a bit of an odd chant, so here it goes:

When I was just a little boy
My father bought me a brand new toy
A Derby fan on a piece of string
But all I could do was kick his head in…

Kick his head in… (you reds!)
Kick his head in… (you reds!)
All I could do was kick his head in!

Odd on so many levels – what kind of father would ever consider such a gift for their child? Who thought of it? What inspired it? It’s definitely a strange chant. Imagine waking up on Christmas morning, anticipating a new bike from Santa, and tied to the base of the Christmas Tree is a random sheepshagger looking a bit glum about the inevitable head-kicking-in he’s about to get.

Very odd indeed! It certainly takes all sorts…

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  1. Nice one – do these ramsfans require a muzzle ?
    You might like to publish this image, the original was taken from a hotel near their ground.

  2. Alas it doesn’t seem to work for me 😦

  3. oh my god! i always hear a song at forest, n i didnt no what it was…but its this one!! Whats the tune? (im a bit sad and i dunno many of em!)

  4. I’ve no idea if it’s based on a real song or not, and unfortunately am not gifted enough to write the musical notation for you 🙂

  5. Sorry about that earlier link not working.
    This door hanger was from a hotel hear the Derby ground.

  6. Brilliant! 😆

  7. this is a top song AFTER ALL i am a main stand A block boy
    will hear this on wednesday night at the ground when we actualy get them sheep shaggers down here ,,theres nothin odd about hating your local rivels, it makes quite sence to have a song that can intimadate them
    i get bored of hearin
    and ( We hate derby and we hate derby ect )
    love it :),

  8. i totaly agree with carlos .
    top song nothin odd about it sounds good as does meny other when the whole ground get stuck in

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