Strange chants: part three

I don’t disapprove of this one as such, as it’s quite good fun (obviously taken in the spirit of not actually condoning violence), but I definitely think it qualifies as a bit of an odd chant, so here it goes:

When I was just a little boy
My father bought me a brand new toy
A Derby fan on a piece of string
But all I could do was kick his head in…

Kick his head in… (you reds!)
Kick his head in… (you reds!)
All I could do was kick his head in!

Odd on so many levels – what kind of father would ever consider such a gift for their child? Who thought of it? What inspired it? It’s definitely a strange chant. Imagine waking up on Christmas morning, anticipating a new bike from Santa, and tied to the base of the Christmas Tree is a random sheepshagger looking a bit glum about the inevitable head-kicking-in he’s about to get.

Very odd indeed! It certainly takes all sorts…

Coach Johnson?

Newly retired David Johnson has spoken of his desire to start a career in coaching, which seems to be starting with Forest as he develops the appropriate experience to move on to taking his badges etc.

Certainly an interesting and unexpected twist in the ballad of David Johnson, but Colin Calderwood seems to be backing and supporting this development, and it’s certainly true that DJ definitely had the knack of popping up in the right place at the right time for a time, so if he can impart some of that wisdom to the likes of Spencer Weir-Daley or Jon-Paul Pittman then that’s gotta be a good thing – amusingly both those players are of a similar stature to Johnson!

Let’s just hope he doesn’t teach them his frustrating stuff, memories of his alleged involvement in the semi-rebellion against Megson, the drinking culture and indeed, eating large greasy looking things outside Bradford’s ground last season infront of loads of passing fans!

Nottingham Forest vs Carlisle United preview

Carlisle United are the next visitors to the City Ground, where fans and players alike will still be smarting from our first defeat of the season at the hands of Oldham on tuesday.

The League One new boys Carlisle have had an impressive start to the season – they just drew 1-1 at Bradford, and have only been defeated once so far in the league, currently sitting in in 5th place. They’ll come to the City Ground brimming with confidence having undoubtedly noted how Oldham managed to take us apart earlier in the week.

Forest, of course, remain top of the league despite the disappointment earlier in the week thanks to results of others going our way. Forest may once again be able to call on John Curtis in defence, but Danny Cullip won’t be considered. Whilst Kris Commons has stepped up his recovery, it seems unlikely he’ll be risked so early in his recovery.

It will certainly be an interesting match, and since we’ve not played them in the league since the late seventies there’ll be a large chunk of supporters of both clubs who have never witnessed the fixture before! Hopefully a much improved performance will be awaiting us as we descend on the City Ground come saturday…

Commons hits the comeback trail

Kris Commons apparently featured for an hour in a behind-closed-doors reserve fixture yesterday, which frankly is tremendous news!  Given the five or six week layoff he has endured it’s unlikely he’ll be rushed back into the side on saturday, but hopefully our underperforming midfield will start to look over their shoulder to see him looming on the horizon and ready to reclaim his place in midfield.

Our midfield has looked horrendously imbalanced particularly on the left side, so getting Kris fit and raring to go is going to be a huge bonus to us, and if Colin can bring out the best in him consistently then he could really help to provide that creative spark we’ve been desperate for from someone other than Nicky Southall on the other flank.

DJ hangs up his barely used boots…

Hot on the heels of denying the rumours he was set to retire, David Johnson has decided he has played his last and retired.  Finally.  I’ve never really understood the adulation DJ gets from some sections of our support, I suppose they could be young enough to have only really got his 29 goal play off season as a highlight in their Forest supporting life, which in itself is quite tragic!

Johnson has cost Forest immeasurable cash, in wages and transfer fees, for very little return, in my opinion.  Certainly he capitalised on his partnership with Marlon Harewood and one outstanding season with us, but both before and after this he was a very frustrating player to watch for me, and I’m not sorry to see him gone.

Good luck with the future, Johnno, but I’m very happy you’ve taken the decision to retire – thanks for the few good memories you managed to contribute, but you’ve been more than fairly recompensed for that since you were still being paid a fortune for the seasons of nothing you’ve given us.