Megson back at the City Ground?

Nottingham Forest – 0
Oldham Athletic – 2

I apologise for being facetious, but what a dreadful display from Forest today, it was almost like the ginger Hitler was back for the pre-match and half-time teamtalks. I fear that the major difference in today’s performance from some of our other games this season was the lack of luck that has characterised our season so far, although there was also a notable drop in cohesion and individual performances.

Once again we played in an unbalanced 3-5-2 formation, and from the off it was clear – as it has been in previous games, but goes unnoticed given the results – that the squad aren’t comfortable or capable of playing in the way that Colin envisages. Certainly this game will have given him plenty to think about, although the warning signs should already have been there.

We have no midfield, or at least, we don’t play through them, instead we hoof the ball to Holt or Harris, or latterly Agogo, who have the job of winning it, holding it up, either laying it off or trying to create a chance out of bugger all – it’s a thankless task, and I’m sure a frustrating one.

I really can’t be bothered to go into a detailed match report, suffice to say Oldham Athletic were good value for a 2-0 win, and it will have delighted the dozen or so fans who tapped up to the game. I think it is worthy to note that this is the first time I’ve felt compelled to comment on a refereeing performance, and boy this guy was a fucking clown, along with his linesmen, although he did give shoddy decisions both ways.

The only disappointing aspect from Oldham was they resorted to timewasting and gamesmanship (even the fans held on to the ball for ages!) when there was really no need, as we looked toothless for pretty much the entire game, and it always leaves a sour taste – and culminated in 6 minutes of added time, as if we’d not suffered enough!

Not good enough, Reds, we expect a LOT better on saturday, and please Colin, just give 4-4-2 a try. That said, whilst I’ve been critical, shame on you Forest fans who decided to boo the lads off at half and full time. It’s true, they were shit, but we’re still top of the league with 3 points and +2 goals to spare, let’s hope we can look back on this game as nothing more than a bad day at the office.

Robert Hughes elevated to first team squad

Youngster Robert Hughes has been handed a great chance to impress by being included in the squad for tonight’s game with Oldham Athletic at the City Ground.

The young midfielder has been putting in outstanding performances for the reserves this season, and has reportedly also impressed in training with the first team – he’ll most likely be on the bench with the squad number of 27.

Hughes is a product of the Forest Academy which has of course produced such well known players as Andy Reid, Michael Dawson, Jermaine Jenas as well as a number of our existing playing staff.

Midfield for me is somewhere we’ve been lacking recently, so it will be really interesting to see what contribution Hughes can make if he gets his chance on the field – well done Robert!