May you rest in peace, terrace wit!

This has bugged me for a while, I guess a number of things contribute to it – increased prices, all seater stadia and the generally more sanitised way football is now presented to us consumers (see what I did there?), but what on Earth became of the wonderful array of songs and humour we could reel out at a moments notice? It was a sad day for me when I realised the loudest chant that would go up at the City Ground of an afternoon would be “Who are ya?” or a throwback to Big Daddy’s “Easy! Easy! Easy!” mantra. Thanks a bunch, Soccer AM!

Before we were an all seater, I was necessarily a younger fan, still in awe of the experience I’d be in the ground earlier, in the seats with my Dad at first, before graduating to the terraces – when you were standing, you often got in early because you wanted to get a good spot. You’d get to see the players warming up, they’d each get their chant reeled out in turn, it was great! Of course, being the age I am, we all wanted to be there for the team coming out, because we’d as one unleash a barrage of “PSYCHO!” chanting to our illustrious captain, who didn’t used to warm up on the pitch before the match.

Now we’re lucky if our players actually have “a chant” – a few do, Jack Lester, Nathan Tyson or Wes Morgan spring to mind, and they get reeled out if they score, or do something of note – but well, where are the rest of them? Why is nobody quite sure what to chant for Grant Holt – our player of the season so far, or Paul Smith, who ain’t far behind him. Nicky Southall? Does he have one? He may have, and I guess if you’re a regular away follower you might hear ’em more – but I’d love to hear the City Ground once more cycling through a chant for each player.

Imagine if you were a Forest player – would the regimented and dogmatic cheer as the each of the team are read out make you feel proud and motivated as much as the crowd chanting a song specifically created to show their appreciation of you? No chance! Let’s get ’em all songs and get ’em sung audibly at home like we used to! Come on you creative types and you chant starters – we’re not doing too bad on the noise making front, certainly not vs Chesterfield, let’s maximise its effect!

Commons and Gardner resume training

Midfield pair Kris Commons and Ross Gardner have been given the green light to resume training this week, once they regain fitness from their respective ankle and thigh injuries then they’ll provide yet more depth to a squad that is already performing solidly.

Colin Calderwood’s gone on record as suggesting that he is keeping Commons in mind for saturday’s clash with Yeovil, but it’s unlikely he will have regained sufficient fitness for this game.  There’s a possibility we might see him on the bench, however.

The return of Commons is widely rumoured (although this rumour has never been substantiated to my knowledge) to see Forest return to a more conventional 442 formation, I’m not sure of the validity of this, but certainly I couldn’t imagine seeing Kris do the left wingback role, although he could sit behind the strikers in an attacking midfield role quite effectively.

His and Gardner’s availability for selection can only be a good thing, anyway!

Down through history…

I always partly resent my parents for deigning to plan children too late for me to have fully appreciated Forests’ glory years – admittedly I had the treat of Brian Clough’s second great side to ease me into the role of being a Forest fan.

Being brought up on some tremendous football by the likes of Stuart Pearce, Des Walker, Steve Hodge and Nigel Clough really mean that despite missing the great European Championship winning team wasn’t such a big deal – indeed, compared to followers of most sides I was veritably spoilt!

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Curtis fit to face the Glovers?

After limping off on saturday against Chesterfield, Forest are reporting that it’s likely John Curtis will be fit to face Yeovil Town this coming saturday.  This is good news, the side has looked much more balanced since Curtis was placed on the right side of the defensive trio – since should the side shift into a 442 we have someone more comfortable to cover right-back than Wes Morgan looked!

Colin Calderwood has gone as far as to say “we’re positive he’ll be fit for the weekend” – so that’s great news for John Curtis and for us.  Whenever I see a picture of him it reminds me of when he was likened to ‘Beaker’ from Sesame Street in the LTLF fanzine last season… arf!  Click to read more and make your own mind up…

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